Food grade recycled PET

Food grade rPET flakes and pellets.

Ready to perform

We use high-temperature, gas flow decontamination plus strict quality control to meet requirements for European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)’s and FDA, recycled PET.  
A mix of light blue and clear flakes are our highest-quality recycled PET flakes and the feedstock for our food-grade recycled PET pellets. 

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The Ecoibéria factor 

Maintaining food-grade quality for recycled PET at an industrial scale isn’t easy. Ecoibéria maintains total control over materials from bale to pellet to ensure our food grade rPET exceeds standards and expectations.

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Quality in, quality out
We use only the highest-quality, Ecoibéria rPET flakes, giving us complete control over feedstock quality.
Continuously audited
Each batch is continuously monitored throughout the recycling process to ensure food-safe levels of volatile compounds and correct mechanical characteristics.
Ecoibéria captures and preserves data for every parameter for every batch, providing a highly-detailed audit trail.
100% Recycled rPET
rPET pellets and Ecoibéria Flakes are made from post-consumer PET bottles. They are not blended with any virgin PET or resins.
Ecoibéria processes meet the following standards: ISO 14001:2015; ISO 9001:2015; SC HOTO 132; Recyclass; EuCertPlast.
rPET pellets and Ecoibéria Flakes meet European Regulations for food contact and are independently verified by European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)’s.
rPET pellets are mechanically and hygienically ready for preforming food-grade bottles and packaging. Ecoibéria Flakes are ready for final decontamination and pellet production.




Working here means being part of a multidisciplinary team that contributes to the sustainability of our planet. The production of high quality recycled PET is a constant challenge, allowing us to implement a true circular economy. It is an honor to be part of this loop.

Bruno Rego, Production Manager

Working with food-grade recycled PET pellets

rPET pellets are manufactured to behave like virgin, food-grade PET. However, specifications for any recycled PET feedstock will vary more than virgin PET.
Material-sensitive design and minor adjustments to manufacturing processes can accommodate most of the differences between virgin and recycled PET. Ecoibéria and our partners at the Logoplaste Innovation Lab can help you make 100% recycled, food-grade packaging a reality for your brand.

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Food grade clear and light blue recycled PET flakes

Our highest quality flakes are feedstock for food-grade packaging. 

Our Flakes are of the highest-quality recycled PET. Made from recycled, post-consumer PET bottles.

The Flakes are so good, they are the only feedstock for our food-grade recycled PET pellets. 

Request a sample 

If you’re ready to see how rPET pellets or Ecoibéria Flakes perform, just ask. We can send small samples for analysis or bulk shipments for test product runs.

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